Friday, July 15, 2005

Boat Trip photos 2

Back through the tunnel on the Feeder

Whalebone Polly in the stern

Tom Philips reciting his poetry

The Tower Belle was originally built as a river steamer

The sky really was this colour!

Mitchel Solars with his photo competition prize - a digital camera

Vince helping with the quiz

Jon Wisbey - Poet

Out on the Avon

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Boat trip photos

Whalebone Polly playing at Chequers

The boat reaches Hanham

Mitchel using the camera he won

Feedback on boat trip

These are some of the comments received by boat trippers in answer to the question: What did you most enjoy about the trip?
'The commentary was interesting.'
'The peace, the quiet, the riverside tranquility.'
'The scenery, the talks, the friendly conversation.'
'Good fun - good mix of people and entertainment.'
'Opportunity to see the flora of the riverbank, also hearing some of the history.'
'The fact that I saw a heron (my favourite bird!) and a new experience for me as I've not been on this stretch of water before.'
'Good to meet new people from the area. Very well organised. Lots of interesting info.'
'Getting out and meeting new people and the scenery.'
'Seeing all the lovely houseboats.'
'Finding out about different things.'
'Fresh air, appreciation of the countryside.'

Boat trip report

The GreenBristol boat trip was a great success with around 65 people enjoying a mid-summer cruise through Feeder canal and up the river Avon to Hanham Lock and Weir. The event was to introduce the local environment to residents of the NDC area and invite discussion on topics of interest. Speakers included Ivor McGillivray on Chemicals at the Netham, Robin Acton-Campbell on Trooper's Hill and Tanya Darch (Environmental Quality team, Bristol City Council) on the water quality of the Feeder and river Avon.

Photographer Liz Milner presented the photo competition winner, Mitchel Solars, with a Canon digital camera. Liz commented on the high standard of entries to the competition. Mitchel's photos, and those of other entrants, will be on the online map when it goes live and in an exhibition at Barton Hill Settlement next week. Several poets gave readings including Pippin Sadler, Jon Wisbey, Mark Adams, Sean, Helen Sheppard, and Editor of Venue magazine; Tom Philips. We were also enchanted by the melodies of Whalebone Polly singing their hearts out!