Friday, July 15, 2005

Boat Trip photos 2

Back through the tunnel on the Feeder

Whalebone Polly in the stern

Tom Philips reciting his poetry

The Tower Belle was originally built as a river steamer

The sky really was this colour!

Mitchel Solars with his photo competition prize - a digital camera

Vince helping with the quiz

Jon Wisbey - Poet

Out on the Avon

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Boat trip photos

Whalebone Polly playing at Chequers

The boat reaches Hanham

Mitchel using the camera he won

Feedback on boat trip

These are some of the comments received by boat trippers in answer to the question: What did you most enjoy about the trip?
'The commentary was interesting.'
'The peace, the quiet, the riverside tranquility.'
'The scenery, the talks, the friendly conversation.'
'Good fun - good mix of people and entertainment.'
'Opportunity to see the flora of the riverbank, also hearing some of the history.'
'The fact that I saw a heron (my favourite bird!) and a new experience for me as I've not been on this stretch of water before.'
'Good to meet new people from the area. Very well organised. Lots of interesting info.'
'Getting out and meeting new people and the scenery.'
'Seeing all the lovely houseboats.'
'Finding out about different things.'
'Fresh air, appreciation of the countryside.'

Boat trip report

The GreenBristol boat trip was a great success with around 65 people enjoying a mid-summer cruise through Feeder canal and up the river Avon to Hanham Lock and Weir. The event was to introduce the local environment to residents of the NDC area and invite discussion on topics of interest. Speakers included Ivor McGillivray on Chemicals at the Netham, Robin Acton-Campbell on Trooper's Hill and Tanya Darch (Environmental Quality team, Bristol City Council) on the water quality of the Feeder and river Avon.

Photographer Liz Milner presented the photo competition winner, Mitchel Solars, with a Canon digital camera. Liz commented on the high standard of entries to the competition. Mitchel's photos, and those of other entrants, will be on the online map when it goes live and in an exhibition at Barton Hill Settlement next week. Several poets gave readings including Pippin Sadler, Jon Wisbey, Mark Adams, Sean, Helen Sheppard, and Editor of Venue magazine; Tom Philips. We were also enchanted by the melodies of Whalebone Polly singing their hearts out!


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Food mapping

The Sustainable City team have mapped food links across the city. The NDC area:

Image hosted by

Key to map

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Sustainable Neighbourhoods display

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Report of the Medical Officer of Health on the sanitary condition of the City and County of Bristol

During quarter ending September 29th 1877:

Deaths from diseases of the lungs show the quarterly average for the season. 196 deaths were registered under this class, viz.: 101 from Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Pleurisy, and 95 from Phthisis.
After deducting deaths from the Royal Infirmary and the General Hospital from the returns of the Sub-registration Districts of St James and St Mary Redcliff, the deaths from affections of the lungs show a higher rate in St Phillips than in any other. The rate of mortality from these diseases in the whole city was 3.9, but for the district of St Phillips it was 4.6. I think this must be due to the concentration of our manufacturing industry in that district, and the want of open spaces to dilute the irritating fumes unavoidably connected with certain manufactures.

David Davies

During quarter ending December 28th 1878:

Deaths from diseases of the Respiratory Organs reach the large number of 482 i.e. 386 of Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Pleurisy; and 96 of Phthisis. These 482 deaths give a general rate of mortality of 9.4, but in Clifton the rate is only 5.8; and in the Westbury Sub-registration District (geographically a part of Clifton) only 5.1, although many invalids, subject to Diseases of the Chest, reside in those districts. It thus seems that the inhabitants on the higher levels of the city are not inordinately subject to suffering from the accession of inclement weather. It is clear that persons living in the Clifton and Westbury Districts have better chances of life than their fellow citizens in the lower districts.

Joseph Yeates

Friday, June 10, 2005

Boat trip on Tower Belle - 6th July

Greenbristol have booked the Tower Belle to sail along the Feeder canal and river Avon to Chequers on Wednesday 6th July. The boat starts at Temple Quay at 5.30 returning to the Ostrich pub in Bristol at 10 pm. Information packs about the route and things to look out for (eg kingfishers, herons, glow worms, bats, fish, strange plants, industrial archeology etc) will be provided. Bring your cameras/videos/sketchbooks - we want to collect as many pictures for the website as possible. This event is to invite people to learn more about their immediate environment, its history and ecology and the huge changes the area has undergone. Feedback will provide a rich mixture of unique, individual points of view shared via the green map.

There will be speakers talking about the history and ecology of the route along the way eg The Netham Chemical Works, Lead Works, Crew's Hole Tar Works, invasive plants. We hope also to take samples of the canal and river and project a live display from a microscope showing the bugs and organisms that inhabit the water. There will also be a live band/poetry! Cost £1.50 For more information contact Greenbristol: Ivor McGillivray (07791) 752574 or Laura Hamilton: 0117 954 0729

More photo trail shots

Barbed Cloud - Liz Milner

Image hosted by

Rhubarb Tavern - Liz Milner

Image hosted by

Chugging along - Mitchel Morgan

Image hosted by

Fishing - BethanyHamilton

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

Rowers pursued - Steve Parry

Image hosted by

Faster rowers - LauraHamilton

Image hosted by

Yellow vans - MitchellMorgan

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Jewish cemetry - Tashie & Bethany

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Hope by Photo Joe

View from Barton Hill Settlement

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Barton Hill photo trail

On Saturday 26th March a group of youngsters from Lawrence Hill Church group were given a photo workshop. Liz Milner showed how to use the digital cameras (lent by Barton Hill Settlement) and look anew at everyday views. They then explored the locality, taking photos as they went, of things they might normally overlook.

Liz and Laura
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Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Group by the Feeder canal
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Mitch and Amy
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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Community photography event/website

This weekend - 26th/27th March - Greenbristol are holding the first of this year's local community events. Photographer Liz Milner has been commissioned to facilitate two photography trails around the NDC area. Liz has lots of experience using photography to explore diverse subjects with community groups. Barton Hill Settlement has kindly loaned five digital cameras for this event. Let's hope the sun shines!

The beta version of the live website - covering the NDC area - will be online by early May for feedback from communities and individuals. The fully tested site is scheduled to go live in June.


May Day marquee event in Barton Hill

The first community event in Bristol to introduce the map was held in a marquee.

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Dublin Convergence Sustainable Living Festival

In May 2004 a green map exhibition and community mapping symposium was held in Dublin. Green mappers from New York, London, Dublin and Bristol attended workshops.

Image hosted by

Wendy Brawer; Founder of

Image hosted by

Participatory Appraisal tools including Quick Marking were used to develop a taxonomy for maps

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Men's group activities

Barton Hill men's group created a large canvas map of the NDC area as artwork

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sustainable Development wiki

The map project has been added to the wikipaedia.

This is a space for communities to share information about local sustainable development initiatives and ideas.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bristol Green map website

A website with background info on the pilot project at Barton Hill and surrounding areas has gone live:

A competition is being held for artwork for the home page:

The full site - with detailed, layered mapping - is scheduled to go live by May 1st.


Monday, February 28, 2005


Photojoe - 12 yrs - has made a movie about the Barton Hill area. You can see it here:

You will need Apple's (free) Quicktime to view it. Download Quicktime here: