Tuesday, August 07, 2007

At the Harbourside Festival

GreenBristol had a table at the Eco-tent along with many other local initiatives. We collected some interesting feedback from people about what their company did that was 'green'. Many thanks to the Sustainable City team at Bristol City Council. And thanks to CSV Environment for lending us their green map of Hartcliffe and Withywood - below.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Green Movement on World Environment Day

This is the video made on World Environment Day by students from City of Bristol College.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

World Environment Day at Temple Quay

We went to Temple Quay business centre in Bristol on World Environment Day. This is a United Nations initiative and the theme this year was the melting of the ice caps. The Green Movement performed again to much curiosity. We invited children from Hannah More environmental school - its just around the corner. We had previously chalked an outline of the earth with the Chalk Revolution. The children were invited to fill in the continents and we gave them stencils of the Green Map System icons to brighten up the plaza. Thanks to the Sustainable City team at Bristol City Council for its generous support. Photos are online and we hope to have a movie made by students of City of Bristol College up shortly. We also now have a MySpace set up with some videos to watch.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Green Movement at Bristol Festival of Nature

A performance at Bristol Festival of Nature on 2nd June 2007. Many thanks to the Fun Revolution for facilitation. View photos of all three performances. Watch the video.

The Green Movement

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

City-wide online green map

Ivor and I have been meeting recently with various groups who are interested in contributing to a city-wide green map. CSV already have a printed map of Hartcliffe and Withywood. Sustainable Southville are about to publish both a printed and online map of Southville and Bedminster. GreenBristol recently printed a map of Lawrence Hill in East Bristol. We will meet Keith Reay of the Chemistry Set on Thursday. Keith and others are interested in mapping Easton.

We hope that, together with Bristol Wireless, we can use Google maps and open layers to produce a multi-layered map of the whole city. Users will be able to upload their own multi-media content (eg photos/movies/audio) to any point on the map. Furthermore, we intend to make it accessible via mobile phone - including the uploaded photos/movies!

UK Digital Challenge/Connecting Bristol

Sunderland won the UK Digital Challenge. Bristol's entry - Connecting Bristol - was highly praised by the judges. This was inevitably a disappointment but local stake holders and supporters, known as the Momentum group, met the day after the announcement to discuss the future. GreenBristol's work is a showcase model for Connecting Bristol and Steve attended on its behalf. Sixty people were there and agreed that, despite this set-back, the group will press on with the basic thrust outlined in the original bid. Of course time-frames and the scale of developments will be affected. But an unexpected bonus was announced at the ceremony in London; £2 million is to be distributed between all nine runners-up. This funding, whilst modest, will assist Bristol in promoting and liaising between the many diverse projects contained in the original bid.

Green Awards revisited

Sadly GreenBristol didn't win at last year's Green Awards. But we all enjoyed immensely attending. There is a movie of the awards ceremony and some of the winners on the home screen of the website. Click on the Newsflash box.