Friday, November 10, 2006

Measuring Output

GreenBristol has recently commissioned local resident and consultant David Mowat. David is to measure the outputs from the printed map by doing community consultation. This will involve a variety of methods including surveys of individual's responses and focus groups. The methodology will include Participatory Appraisal. This originated in African villages as a way of conducting democratic decision-making. David himself spent three years in Nepal working with VSO and set up the East Bristol Jazz Club.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Green Awards 2006

GreenBristol is delighted to hear that its printed map is shortlisted for the first Green Awards out of hundreds of entries. The map is in the category Best Direct Mail B2C. The winners of each of the eighteen categories will be announced at a gala dinner to be held at London's Guildhall on November 29th.

East Bristol's first green map

The printed green map has now gone to press. It will be distributed to all 4,200 households in the Neighbourhood Solutions area in the next few weeks. Download a printable version here.

(Sep '06) Radius Glasgow

Hannah Clinch of Radius Glasgow meets GB with Ben Barker of Sustainable Southville and Clare Cunningham. Hannah was on a fact-finding mission to find out about other green mapping projects and their diverse approaches.

(August '06) Connecting Bristol

Connecting Bristol won through to the last ten finalists of the UK Digital Challenge. GB featured as a case study. The winner is expected to be announced in February 2007.

(July '06) Barbecue at the Settlement

GB organises a barbecue in Barton Hill Settlement garden. This proved a valuable opportunity to gather feedback for the design of the printed green map. Thanks to Sarah Dailly and Maggie Reardon for their superb catering!

(15th July '06) Brislington Community Partnership

GreenBristol were invited to attend Brislington Community Partnership's open day. Ivor and Steve met various members of of BCP and discussed the various ways of creating green maps. Thanks to Bristol City Council's Sustainable City Team for organising this event.

(June '06) Neighbourhood Solutions

Neighbourhood Solutions commissions GB to produce a printed green map of its area - Barton Hill, Redfield, Lawrence Hill, The Dings, Upper Easton, Newtown - for inclusion in its Welcome Pack. This is to be distributed to all 4,200 households in the area. GB works with Claire Cunningham to design the printed map.

(June '06) Untold West

We submitted a proposal to the BBC's Untold West for a five minute film about the potential for geothermal energy in East Bristol. This is a competition to uncover little-known stories from the West that are unusual and haven't been broadcast previously.

(June '06) Electric December

GreenBristol were invited to contribute to Electric December 2006. We partnered with Martin Hanstead of Knowle West Media Centre to create an online game around Climate Change. The game is aimed at 14-19 year olds and is fun and educational. Clare Cunningham contributed to graphic design. All will be revealed this December!

(2nd May '06) Avon Organics

Ivor gave a talk to Avon Organic Group on green mapping.

(Sep '05) GB at the Cube cinema

GreenBristol showed an excerpt from a film at the Cube's Greenscreen. The film was made by Jon Wisbey for Digital Stories at the Watershed.

(27th March '06) It's all at the Co-op!

GreenBristol has registered as a worker's co-operative. Ivor McGillivray and Steve Parry are now co-directors of GreenBristol Ltd. Many thanks to Katy Harkavy at Avon CDA for her continuing support and assistance.

(February '06) Logo and Green Futures conference

GreenBristol has a shiny new logo designed by Clare Cunningham.

We also ran green-mapping workshops at the Green Futures conference organised by Bristol South Green Party.

Friday, March 03, 2006


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Sunday, February 12, 2006

GreenBristol's aims and objectives

Green Maps illuminate the interconnections between society, nature and the built environment, helping residents get involved and make smarter lifestyle choices while also guiding visitors to successes they can replicate back home. Wendy Brawer

Project website:

GreenBristol aims to promote environmental awareness and community sustainability within Bristol by means of green mapping. Green mapping began in the early 1990s. Since then many projects have sprung up around the globe. A common element is the Green Map System - a visual language of green map icons.

Green mapping is an exciting tool for raising awareness around sustainable development. The diversity of projects around the world proves its versatility. It has been used to publicise the green economy, to highlight recycling opportunities, to foster networking, to chart renewable energy and energy efficiency options, to promote urban and wildlife tourism and outdoor recreation and as a tool in youth and adult education.

The GreenBristol project is being piloted in the Bristol New Deal for Communities area. This area covers Barton Hill, The Dings, Lawrence Hill and Redfield.

The centrepiece of the Pilot Project is an online map. This has three functions, relating roughly to past, present and future:

1 To create a forum in which local people can explore and discover the human, natural and environmental history of their locality; and so appreciate and value the distinctiveness of their living neighbourhood

2 To serve as a hub for local people to air their thoughts, feelings and concerns about the place where they live

3 To begin to imagine – and bring about - a city of the future

Local people are invited to contribute content in the form of text, image, audio and video. The project also encourages the making of creative content – poetry, photography, digital stories etc - as well as factual content.

Mapmaking is supported by public events - sociable and enjoyable events open to all. These are occasions to bring together experts and local people - experts in their own neighbourhood. They are a chance to explore and discover the local environment. Finally, public events are opportunities to create media assetts for the website involving the local community in a proactive way.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Monday, January 30, 2006

GreenBristol website

The wbsite has experienced some problems recently. We lost some of our media uploads. These have been re-uploaded except for links to Bristol City council's Ward profiles - coming soon.