Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4BsHive Partner meeting - September in Berlin

The four Partners met to discuss and agree project outputs and methodologies. Partners include: Steve and Ivor (GreenBristol; Bristol, UK); Pit and Bjela (Quesper Verein Video; Berlin, Germany); Gergo Horvath (Assn. of Conscious Consumers; Budapest, Hungary) and Ciprian Samoila (Associata Ascendenta; Bistrita, Romania). It was still very warm; 32 Centigrade that day!

From left: our host Pit van de Loo (Berlin), Steve Parry (Bristol), Szonja Andrasev (Budapest) & Ivor McGillivray (Bristol)

Lunch at the Neukoln Tenant Initiative for older people

One of the last cold war watch towers is now a museum

Local allottments

A women's forge making decorative ironwork and horseshoes

Cycling is the norm in the Berlin lifestyle

Two green campaign groups oppose each other over an outside activities space needed for a school

A fun welcome for children!

Pit (Berlin), Corina (Bistrita), Steve & Ivor (Bristol) & Szonja (Budapest)

A floating swimming pool - one of these would be uber popular in Bristol docks...

The German election was approaching...

Tempelhof airport closed a year ago - the authorities were afraid of drug dealers using the space so closed it with no plans or vision for the future

Frogs at the entrance to the infants school

Lively music culture in Berlin - I hope to sample it next time

Superb brickwork on a warehouse from DDR days - now a fun and busy flea market

GPS hire-bikes have been here for 10 years - Bristol is just about to get them...

Shop for cultural diversity in Neukoln near Pit's place

Wesserstrasse - in Berlin apartment buildings are the norm for accommodation - this one's been refurbished