Thursday, July 14, 2005

Feedback on boat trip

These are some of the comments received by boat trippers in answer to the question: What did you most enjoy about the trip?
'The commentary was interesting.'
'The peace, the quiet, the riverside tranquility.'
'The scenery, the talks, the friendly conversation.'
'Good fun - good mix of people and entertainment.'
'Opportunity to see the flora of the riverbank, also hearing some of the history.'
'The fact that I saw a heron (my favourite bird!) and a new experience for me as I've not been on this stretch of water before.'
'Good to meet new people from the area. Very well organised. Lots of interesting info.'
'Getting out and meeting new people and the scenery.'
'Seeing all the lovely houseboats.'
'Finding out about different things.'
'Fresh air, appreciation of the countryside.'

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